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'David Otto'

1 Etc.
II A little bit x Inifinty
3 Teasin'
IV Beta
5 Sea Wide Freedom
VI Woman is Fire
'Orange Hibiscus'

1 In Two Words
2. Sydney, Qld
3. everybody lately
4. a better ever after
5. Something between us
6. 4 blade fan
7. burying the body
8. blazed

The David Otto Music band is:
Kittie Lee - Drums
Kayla Jade - Bass
David O++O - Vocals/Guitar

Joined in 2015 the band has an awesome history of live shows performing David's music and modelling the David Otto Music fashion line a tlive events performing at various venues around Qld and gathering a growing following through their hilarious entertaining online tv show.

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DavidOttoMusic founder, David Otto started his career in music banging on pots and pans to get everyone's attention onto his ideas. He turned his hand to piano at aged 6 but was too preoccupied drawing the McDonald's symbol on his sheet music to practise, but at that point a fervent interest in music and enterprise began.

At 11, David found a guitar in his house and began teaching himself to play with his mother's records and a week later could play an entire album of music entirely by ear. One year later, he had won his first best guitarist award against older opponenets who had been playing for over 10 years. He then went on to win a total of 5 best guitarist awards throughout his teens and toured nationally for various acts during this time. A hot prospect for new bands, David was often the main drawcard for these groups, who would ask him to join their act to help increase their publicity, which grew into him being a hired gun for record companies wherever a new act would need to tour and promote a new record they had out, David would get sent a recording and 2 weeks later be on tour, singing and playing backup vocals for them.

All through this time, David was writing his own music and has to date penned over 20 albums of breathtaking original music alongside, on his own, building one of Brisbane's largest tuition networks: easyguitarclasses.com which had over 20 locations, 150 tutors and taught more than 20,000 lessons to over 3500 customers before David decided to move forward into developing his own music more and now enjoys the simplicity of concerts and touring under his own record label davidottomusic.com.

After building the music school, David began performing his own music and from a side hobby fashion designing glamorous swimwear and intimate wear, had developed many friendships with fashion designers and they asked him to be a support act for their parades. Then one day, as his music was finishing and the next group of models were walking in, David had the idea to blend his talents as a designer, tutor and songwriter into one entity - training lingerie models to be his rock band!

Through regular training sessions, David then turned a handful of models he knew onto lingerie rocking guitar, bass and drum players and went on to play live to more than 5,000 people at local events and with the band developed their own online tv talk show centred around promoting upcoming tour dates for the band and showcasing his latest fashion releases. Still currently, David selects a new group for this concept every year and trains them on guitar, bass and drums to tour with him as his rock lingerie backing band. No experience required!

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